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Why Shop Small?

Shopping small: it means to shop at small, local businesses. Why would you want to shop at these small businesses rather than at the big box stores? We’ve got quite a few reasons for you below.

They Give Back To The Community

When you spend money at a local small business, that sales tax you paid stays in your local community. These businesses pay taxes to the city and county in which the business is located. These taxes go to funding schools, parks, streets, and much more. On average, 48% of each purchase at a local shop is recirculated locally, while 14% of each purchase at a big box chain store is recirculated locally.

Local Owners Buy And Use Local Services

Local small business owners go into their community for services and products they need as well. They realize the value and importance of shopping small and they continue the cycle of shopping local.

Great Customer Service

Local small businesses provide the best customer service. Small business owners strive to get the upper hand on their chain competitors by giving the best customer service they can. After all, small businesses survive on word of mouth advertising.

A Sense Of Community

This bit goes hand-in-hand with the fantastic customer service you receive. It’s much easier to get to know a small business owner in your town than it is to get to know a manager at a huge retail store. When you connect with a local small business owner, you’re strengthening the community in which you live.

It’s Important To Shop Small

Shopping small not only supports the local businesses, but it also supports your community. Take these reasons into consideration the next time you have to decide between shopping at a local business and a chain retail store. It really makes a difference.

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