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What is a Collectible?

Vintage metal sign - Antiques and Collectibles - Vector EPS10. GThe word collectible is a very vague term and means something different to everyone.

Ask a non-collector what a collectible is and they will probably mention little figurines that are specifically marketed as collectibles or, more likely, a few years ago they would have mentioned Beanie Babies! Sometimes the non-collector will mention stamps, coins or even rocks and sea shells. It’s always one particular item.

Ask a collector and you’ll get an in-depth answer on the feelings that are evoked, perhaps the investment made or the quest to find their items. Although collectors always hope their collections will increase in value, that’s not the reason they started their collection. It is usually about nostalgia or something that is personal to them.

We tend to believe, “if it’s sold as a collectible, it’s probably not.”  But folks still understand the term, so often we call or label items as collectibles for the sake of ease in our marketing and communication.

When asked the question “What is your definition of a collectible?” Rarely does anyone have an easy answer or the same answer but, after thinking about it they would offer their very own unique definition.

The answers we found across the web:

A piece of a person’s personal history that holds a special place in their heart.
Dean Jutilla, eBay

Something you can’t get enough of. You get one, you gotta have more.
Brent Feigner, Playthings

A collectible is something made between 1963 – 1980.
Harry Rinker, Rinker Enterprises

You own more than two of something that you have no use for.
Denise, Doll Collecting on About

Something that brings you happiness.
Susan Peterson, Peterson Consulting

Part of a group of something that I want to own.
Peggy Kinstler, Informart

It’s a focused and special way to connect with a part of life.
Jordan Wright, Planet Collector.

A collectible is anything that is non-essential that someone wants more than one of.
Lawrence (eBay)

Useless stuff in lots of different colors.
Jane Viator, Antiques Roadshow Insider

Anything that wasn’t meant to be and is.
John Bruno, Flamingo Promotions

Something that has an emotional connection to you personally.
Linda Kruger, Collector’s News

Collectibles are things you collect.
Jim Tucker, Antiques & Collectibles National Association

Any object that has special meaning to a person.
Beth Deisher, Coin World

An item that’s valuable to you personally no matter what the actual value is.
Cathy Clark, The Numismatist

Anything desirable that people are willing to pay money for (to add to a collection).
Pam Wiggins,

Something I must have to add to other like objects.
Barbara Crews

So as you can see, this is not an easy term to define. We will sell items as collectibles and people will ask questions. That is awesome. We love questions!


  1. heidi on October 28, 2016 at 4:37 pm

    An item that speaks of or to your likes or personality that you want to own more than one of and set aside space and consideration for.

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