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The Joy Of Antiquing

woman in antique shop

woman in antique shop

When you first visited an antique shop, you may have done it for a special occasion. You might have been looking for one particular item, with no intentions of returning again. But what you’re about to read will convince you to do otherwise. Hopefully, what you read will convince you to make a run to an antique shop rather than a high-end department store.

1. You may discover designer products at a fraction of the price.

You might find a piece of designer furniture or a rare item for $5 that would normally retail at $80. There’s no limit to what you could find.


2. The selection is always different.

Antique shops don’t get shipments from factories of the same items continuously, so the selection will always be different every time you stop by.

3. Remember the good ole days?

Remember when the Backstreet Boys were all the rage? Sifting through the vinyls and records in an antique shop would bring back all those good memories of those days.

4. Teach your kids a little something too.

If you have kids, take them to an antique shop. It’s never too early to show them how to help the environment and find some cool things at the same time.

5. Shopping in an antique shop is like a treasure hunt.

If you’re looking for a fairly specific item, you’ll have fun digging through an antique shop! It’s not laid out neatly in front of you so you have to look around quite a bit. That just makes it much more worth it when you find the item you’re looking for! Or, if you aren’t looking for anything specific, you’ll just have fun finding quirky items.

6. You’ll find some new and interesting styles.

Antique shops are home to some fantastic styles and some bizarre styles. Even if you don’t like every style you come across, you’re sure to find some fun in looking through them!

7. Did someone say vintage?

You can find some truly vintage items in an antique shop, and they just won’t be labeled vintage; they’ll actually be true pieces from that time! How much better can you get?

8. You may find something that pays off!

Sometimes you’ll stumble across an item that looks perfectly ordinary to you, but somewhere down the line, you find out it’s rare and worth hundreds or thousands of dollars more than you ever thought.

9. Tight budget when furnishing your home? No problem!

When you have a strict budget to stick to when you’re furnishing your home, check out an antique shop! It’s not all old vases and albums. There’s a lot of amazing furniture and appliances you may be looking for or that you may need.

10. DIY done cheaper and easier.

Whether you want to re-cover a dining room chair or convert a bookshelf into something new, you can find the basic materials for your DIY projects at a local antique store, and at a much better price!

11. You can find items that are no longer made.

This is one of the best things about antiquing: they aren’t mass produced. If you’re looking for an item not many others are looking for, try an antique shop!

12. You can find unique gifts.

If you have friends or family members who appreciate unique, quirky antique store finds, try your local antique shop. You can rest assured that they won’t receive a duplicate of your gift!

13. Don’t worry about facing the busy mall.

There might be some people who enjoy going into a busy mall to do all their shopping, but there are others who wish to stay away from such places. If you’re with the second group, consider trying to do some of your shopping at an antique store. It’s not as busy and just as fantastic!

14. Antique shopping is great for the environment.

This could be one of the best reasons to go antiquing. By buying these items, you’re keeping them out of a landfill. You can help save the earth while you save yourself some cash, and find lovely items!

15. Your local antique shop may donate to a charity.

Some antique shops go hand-in-hand with charities. With every purchase made, they donate a percentage to a charity of their choice. You can ask you local antique shop if this is something they participate in.


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