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The History Of Outdoor Furniture

Ah, the great outdoors. During these summer months, we want to show a little appreciation for outdoor furniture that makes us so comfortable! Let’s check out the history of some of our favorite pieces of outdoor furniture.

Over time, just like indoor furniture, outdoor furniture has gone through appearance changes. Outdoor furniture is known as garden furniture as well. Gardens have been a part of the home since the dawn of time, so garden furniture just makes sense! When you’re spending all that time outside in your garden, why not be comfortable?

From The Start

The first instances of outdoor furniture date back to the Egyptians. They would weave natural fibers such as swamp grass and reeds that grew on the bank of the Nile River to create their furniture. It was originally used for the indoors, but they began using them to relax outside as well.

The Ancient Greeks were the first to exclusively create furniture for their gardens. The furniture was made out of stone so it was heavy and uncomfortable to sit on, but it was built to last in an outdoor setting. Moving into the Medieval times, garden furniture did not see many improvements except for the introduction of turf benches. chairs-993853_1920

Throughout The Years

With the Renaissance, gardens began to change. They became places for games and gatherings rather than just growing fruits and vegetables. The large seats from indoors were too heavy to be moved back and forth, so it wasn’t too long before the first garden chair was born. Thus, the Windsor chair came. The chair was light and could be painted to match its surroundings.

Towards the beginning of the 19th century, the ornamental cast iron industry came alive. They began producing cast iron chairs and tables in different designs to be used outdoors. In the middle of the 20th century, the garden became the center of attention again. New materials were introduced and garden furniture became a normal part of the outdoors.

What is your favorite part of being outdoors? Do you have a go-to piece of furniture? Tell us in the comments!

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