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The Different Types Of Wood Used For Furniture

Wood furniture comes in all shapes and sizes. The type of wood used depends on what furniture is being created. In this post, we will be going over the different types of wood that is used.

The Many Types Of WoodThe different types of wood.

There are two main types of wood: hardwood and softwood. The difference between these two does not lie in the density, rather they are distinguished in terms of how they are reproduced. Softwood trees are known as a gymnosperm. Gymnosperms reproduce by forming cones which emit pollen to be spread by the wind to other trees. Pollinated trees form naked seeds which are dropped to the ground or borne on the wind so that new trees can grow elsewhere. A hardwood is an angiosperm, a plant that produces seeds with some sort of covering such as a shell or a fruit. Angiosperms usually form flowers to reproduce. Birds and insects attracted to the flowers carry the pollen to other trees and when fertilized the trees form fruits or nuts and seeds.



Mahogany is a favorite when it comes to the finer furniture. It is one of the most treasured furniture woods. The color varies in color from medium brown to deep red-brown and dark red. It is an expensive wood.


Walnut has usually been used for fine furniture and is still in pretty decent demand today. The color is chocolate brown, sometimes with dark or purplish streaks. This wood is very expensive.


This is a very abundant wood. Oak is valued for its strength and its attractive grain. It is used in solid furniture pieces. White oak is a rich grayish brown color; red oak is similar, but with a pronounced reddish cast. Oak is moderately expensive. Red oak is usually less expensive than white.


Ash is a fairly tough hardwood. It is known for its bending abilities. The color varies from creamy white or gray with a light brown cast to a dark reddish brown. It is moderately priced.


Birch is a common hardwood. It is used in all aspects of furniture construction. The wood is light yellowish brown, very similar in color and in grain to maple. This wood is moderately expensive.


Maple is a strong, dense, attractive hardwood used in furniture. It has a light brown color with a reddish cast to it. Maple is expensive and hard to work with if using handtools.


Cherry is one of the most valued hardwoods. It’s usually used in fine furniture and cabinets. The color varies from a light brown to a dark reddish brown.



Pine is used extensively in Colonial furniture, and again now in modern day furniture. It is primarily used in unfinished furniture. The color varies from cream to yellow-brown, and the growth rings are seen easily. Pine is fairly cheap.


Cedar is used in chests and closets most often. The scent is effective in repelling insects. The color is a light red with light streaks and knots. Cedar is not a wood that is good for staining or bleaching. A clear finish is used on the outside of furniture, while the inside is left untouched. It is moderately expensive.


Redwood is used primarily for outdoor furniture. It’s resistant to decaying and insects and is usually left unfinished. The price varies depending on the region. The color is a deep reddish brown, as the name would suggest.

In Conclusion

Wood furniture is just as popular today as it was years ago. It seems to never go out of style. When you come across antique wooden furniture, it is not something to take for granted. Woodwork has changed immensely and it is noticeable in the pieces created. Stop on by Back-N-The Day Antiques to see what woodwork we have waiting for you!

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