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The Age Old Debate: Coke vs. Pepsi

Where Did It All Begin? Coca-Cola Things began in 1886 when Coca-Cola was originally created. Pharmacist John S. Pemberton created the well-known drink because he wanted something that would bring him commercial success. Sadly, Pemberton passed away 2 years later. It was Asa Griggs Candler who then rescued the business in 1891. Candler then took on…

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Pepsi Looney Tunes Collectible Glassware

Glass collecting has become a popular hobby. One popular area of promotional glass collecting was the Welch’s Jelly Glasses. The interest in these glasses has been increasing over the years. There were twenty-six different sets of Welch’s glasses dating back to 1953. It all started with Howdy-Doody and has gone on to include Davy Crockett, the Flintstones,…

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