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Six Ways To Repurpose An Old Dresser

Why Trash It When You Can Repurpose It? Are you replacing your bedroom set, yet you don’t want to just trash the set? Well, we can help you with saving the dresser. We’ve got quite a few ideas to help you spice up that old dresser, or give it a brand new life! Check out…

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The History Of Outdoor Furniture

Ah, the great outdoors. During these summer months, we want to show a little appreciation for outdoor furniture that makes us so comfortable! Let’s check out the history of some of our favorite pieces of outdoor furniture. Over time, just like indoor furniture, outdoor furniture has gone through¬†appearance changes. Outdoor furniture is known as garden…

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Modern Style Furniture

In our last post, we talked about William and Mary style furniture. Today, we’ll talk about Modern style furniture. To begin, we’ll be talking about some facts, the beginning of this particular style, and what sets it apart from other furniture styles. History Before the 19th century, furniture designs were usually elaborate, but not always…

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Say Cheese: The History Of Cameras

Cameras: we use them for small intimate moments, momentous occasions, and for every reason in between. Have you ever wondered how this wonderful technology came to be? Let’s dig in and find out more about how the camera has gotten to where it is today. The Early Years 1500s The first camera-like technology came about…

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The Age Old Debate: Coke vs. Pepsi

Where Did It All Begin? Coca-Cola Things began in 1886 when Coca-Cola was originally created. Pharmacist John S. Pemberton created the well-known drink because he wanted something that would bring him commercial success. Sadly, Pemberton passed away 2 years later. It was¬†Asa Griggs Candler who then rescued the business in 1891. Candler then took on…

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North Carolina: The Furniture Capital

Most North Carolinians have at least heard that High Point, North Carolina is the “furniture capital of the world”. This has been true for over a century now. We’re about to delve a little deeper into the history that got North Carolina on the map. History And Development The furniture industry has played a major…

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