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Spring Forward With Repurposed Garden Decor!

It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway done with the month of March! With the unusually warm weather we had last month, some of us have probably already begun cleaning up our outdoor spaces in preparation for the warmer months. To help you spring into action (see what we did there?), we’ve come up with a list of neat garden decorations you can create with items you may already have, or we may have at Back N The Day! Check out a few of the ideas we’ve gathered from Pinterest below.

Let’s Spring Forward With These Projects!

Garden Edging

Usually, you’ll see gardens edged with bricks or rocks. Try taking it up a notch with some colorful plates, old glass bottles of any kind, shutters, and so much more. You can truly use anything depending on the height and thickness you want for the edging. Get creative!

Chandelier Hanging Pots

Want to take hanging pots to the next level? Grab an old chandelier, preferably one with the lights pointing upwards so that you can put pots in them. Grab terra cotta or plastic plant pots and make sure they fit snug into the chandelier openings. Paint the chandelier and pots if you’d like to add a colorful touch, too! Plant your flower or plant of choice and you’ve got a beautiful new hanging plant structure different from the rest!

Rake Wreath

This is a simple project anyone can do with little effort! Take an old rake, and preferably a metal one. Decorate it with some silk flowers and greens, tie a nice ribbon or bow around the bottom of it, and you’ve got a beautiful rake! We love old items reborn like this.

Old Metal Bucket Planter

Grab an old metal bucket (rust is a plus on this one!) and plant your favorite flowers in it! You can choose to hang this up or to set it on the ground or a structure.

Teapot Bird Feeder

Found an old teapot with a broken top? Perfect! Hang it by the handle, stuff the spout so that nothing will spill out, and fill what you can with wild bird food. It’s a perfect small hangout for small birds!

Have Your Own Idea? Share It With Us!

If you’ve tried one of these ideas, or have one of your own, feel free to share it with us via our Facebook page! We have tons of bits and pieces to help you fill your garden or outdoor space with some character. Stop by and check out our inventory soon to get started!

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