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Sit Down And Check Out These Repurposed Chairs!

We love to repurpose things, as you can tell by our previous blog and Facebook posts. Repurposing items give them a new life in our eyes. Why throw an item away if you can use it in a creative and completely different way? We’ve decided to go ahead and look for some neat projects you can take on if you’ve got some old chairs laying around, or you’ve found some nice chairs at an antique shop recently, but just couldn’t figure out what to do with it. Make sure to take a seat, and let’s take a look!

New Ideas For Old Chairs

Dog Bowl Set

Do you have larger dogs at home who need a lifted food and water bowl? Try using two old chairs! The chair seats would be a perfect height for larger pups who don’t want to bend down for their meals. Just cut out a hole in each chair according to the size of the feeding bowls you’ll be using and you’ve got a great new set of dog bowl holders!

Bathroom Rack

Using the seat of the chair and the footrest bar, chairs can make a great make-shift shelf for the bathroom! Simply saw the chair seat in half and attach it to the wall with the proper equipment. You can use the chair seat as a shelf and the bar as a towel rack.


For this project, you’ll need two or more chairs. It’s recommended to remove the seating from the chairs. For this, you’ll place as many thick wood boards as needed to cover the length and width of the seats. Drill and secure these boards into the chairs and sand and paint them as needed to put your finishing touches on the bench.

Garden Trellis

Have an old chair laying around and at the same time, do you need a garden trellis for your garden plants? Cut out the middle of the chair seat and set the chair directly over the center of the plant. Eventually, the plant will grow upwards and make its way into the center of the chair trellis. This will help to keep the plant upright as needed!

Show Us Your Ideas!

We want to see your repurposed projects! If you’ve repurposed a chair, a barrel, or any other item, we’d love for you to send it to us so we can post it on our Facebook page.

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