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Repurposing Old Doors And Windows

When we sell an old window or an old door, sometimes we wonder what you do with them! Or, maybe you’ve replaced the windows in your house and have dozens of old windows on your hands. Why throw them away when you can reuse them? Lately, we’ve been hunting down repurposing ideas for these two items. It seems to be quite popular. Let’s talk about some great repurposing ideas for these!

Repurposing Old Windows

Chalkboard Window

If you’ve been looking for a communication center for your home, look no further! Clean off the window, cover the glass with tape, and spray with chalkboard paint! Add a few chalk sticks and you’ve got yourself a personal message board.

Bathroom Mirrors

Well, they don’t have to be limited to bathroom mirrors! Just replace the glass panes with mirrors and ta-da, you’ve got a neat looking mirror! This is one of the easier ones.


This one is another relatively easy one. Grab some (okay, or a lot) corksĀ from wine bottles, and hot glue them to the glass panes. You can choose the way that you place them in the window to make different patterns as well. This is great if you want to use push pins to stick messages and papers to this board!

Picture Frame

For this, you’ll need to grab some cardboard. First, size your pictures to the window panes. This will ensure they fit properly. Then, cut your cardboard to fit the back of the window (this will hold in the photos, and you’ll be gluing them to this). Once you’ve got the photos attached to the cardboard, you can choose to either glue or tape the cardboard to the window frame. Lastly, admire your newly created picture frame!

Repurposing Old Doors

Glass Door Room Dividers

Do you have some old glass doors? Simple! Use them as room dividers! You can isolate a little home office with these doors.


Add some shelves and a cute backdrop on the door, and you’ve got yourself a new bookshelf! You could even add a light fixture to the shelf. Feel free to add some more personal touches to this too.


If you’re looking for a new catch-all, look no further: use that old antique door! Attach the door to a small chest, finish it in whatever stain or color you’d like, add some hooks, and you’ve got a catch-all for your entryway!

Illuminated Photo Frame

For this, you’ll need a glass paned door. Screw a rope light into the back of the door, going around however you like. Then add some snapshots in the glass panes, and ta-da, you’ve got a large illuminated picture frame!

Repurposing Is Fun; Why Not Give It A Try?

Repurposing isn’t just a great idea for decorating, it’s great for the planet as well! While you aren’t throwing away all those old doors and windows, you’re giving your house a new look. Try your hand at repurposing an antique window or door and send us a photo on our Facebook page. We might just share it on our Repurposed Friday post!

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