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Repurposing Ideas For The Bathroom!

Want to spruce up your bathroom a bit? We’ve got a few ideas you can take from around the house to give your bathroom the new life it wants and needs! These range from using old chairs to old doors to so much more. Check out the ideas we’ve got for you!

New Ideas From Used Items

  • Turn an old faucet from outdoors into a cute little towel hanger indoors! Securing it to a piece of wood that is finished how you want is a great way to repurpose a faucet that is no longer of use to you.
  • Dressers, when given the proper upgrades, can make great sinks with plenty of storage underneath!
  • If you have a few mason jars laying around, secure them to a piece of wood (stained and finished) for wonderful little storage units for your makeup, toothbrushes, q-tips, or anything else!
  • Taking an old chair, sawing off the front half of the chair, and hanging it upside down leaves you with a unique storage unit for your towels and toiletry items!
  • An old shutter painted new could be used as a door to cover up a shelf in your bathroom!025e07918fe68c46fda3366b1d2b9643
  • Grab an old-fashioned suitcase, add shelving to the inside, a secure it up on the wall for a medicine cabinet that takes you back to the old days. You can even add a mirror to the outside of it to give it the complete makeover!
  • Coffee cups secured to a slab of wood of your choice would make great small cubbies for your hand towels or wash clothes.
  • A small ladder or step stool is a great place to put a flower pot on top and towels underneath.

With all these new ideas, we’re sure you’ve found one way or another to give your bathroom an old-fashioned and unique touch! Come see us at Back N The Day on Ramsey Street to see the new items we get in weekly. You might just want to add one of them to your updated bathroom!

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