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Repurposing For The Holidays

It’s the holidays, which means it’s time to decorate! Whether you’re using the usual box (or boxes, we don’t judge) of handed-down decorations or you’re buying all new ones for this season, it’s worth giving a thought to using something different: repurposed items. There’s plenty of reasons to use repurposed items this year, for example, it’s new to you, Snowmen Shutterssometimes it can be cheaper than brand new items, and they’re always customizable! Let’s take a look at some neat ideas you might want to copy this season.


Shutters are a fairly easy item to repurpose! Here we’ve got an example of a few shutters made out the be snowmen. You can, of course, choose the color and style of your snowman to match your decoration set up.


Have some old books, or found some decorative ones on a recent trip to the antique shop? Use them as stocking holders! You can add weights to the inside of them (if you decide to hollow them out) and add a hook to the spine to Mason jar snowglobemake this possible. This is a neat idea if you have a true love for reading or you’ve got a bookworm in the family. Just be sure it isn’t a book you want to keep to read!

Mason Jars

Mason jars make great snowglobes with the right accessories. All you need is a mason jar, fake snow, little critters and trees, and a hot glue gun. And ta-da, you’ve got yourself an easy snowglobe with your own pieces! This is a good project to do with the kids or grandkids. They’d even make great gifts for that Christmas and collectible lover in your life!


Windows are one of those items that are easy to find an idea for, but hard to carry out due to the glass in the panes. Regardless, you can find some great ideas for windows when it comes to the holidays. You can simply refinish an old window and stain or paint it to your liking, hang it up, and hang a wreath on it for a Window with wreathsimple statement piece. Or you can incorporate lights and window paint for a more colorful project. Whatever you choose to do, just be careful of the glass panes. Old windows are old, and so is the glass within them. It may break easier than usual.

Repurposing Takes Time And Effort

We never said it would be easy, but these projects will make you extra proud of your decorations this year. Creating these items means you will forever have decorations that you created with love and you can one day pass down to your family. Repurposing items like these are also great gifts for the holiday lover in your life. Whether you’re repurposing items for your own decorations or for someone else, you can’t go wrong! And if you’ve got some photos of your projects, we’d love to see them! You might be featured on our Facebook page!

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