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A Brief History of Lladros

The Early Years

In 1953, Juan, José, and Vicente Lladró created their very first experiments in the creation of Lladros. They carefully began designing pieces to peak the public’s interest. By 1955, the brothers began making sculptures clearly influenced by the trends of the 1950s. They created their works out of porcelain. By 1958, the three brothers decided to fully dedicate themselves to their works and to transfer their small business to a warehouse in the next town over.

The Lladro brothers reinvented the firing techniques of porcelain figures. They reduced the three-layer firing process to a one-layer firing process. Ths technique gave the figures a crystalline finish while still holding the pastel tones that were typical of Lladros.

By the end of the 50s, Lladro opened up a store in Valencia and then two more within a few years. In the 60s, the company ended up opening up a professional training school in order to teach their employees the essence of the creative spirit the Lladro brothers had. They also began exporting their products to Canada and the United States.Lladro figures The 1960s were marked by the Lladro company’s growth.

A Growing Company

The 1970s were important for Lladro company in the sense that they gained solid ground in the United States. In this decade, Lladro launched a new Gres line. This gave the sculptures a special warm tone to them, making them more ‘earthy’. Figures made of this material were not painted; instead, they used several layers of varnish to create different effects. The vase line was also established in the 70s. This was an excellent way for the painters to reflect their art onto the vases.

The 1990s confirmed the success of the artistic careers of the Lladro brothers. Ther work received important awards and were exhibited in many cities throughout the world.

A Wonderful Item To Collect

Lladro continues to keep creating new artistic figures and pieces. Whether you are a seasoned collector or just getting the hang of collecting Lladros, it is a hobby to keep you busy. With the retired figures to the new collections coming out, you’ll always need to be on the hunt to find the newest piece for your collection. Occasionally we find Lladros on our treks to find the best items to bring back to our store. So, stop in and check out what we might have in store for you!

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