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Let’s Get Cooking With Repurposed Kitchen Crafts!

Did you inherit some kitchen items from your mother or grandmother and you just aren’t sure what to do with them? Maybe we can help you out with those! Today, we’re going to go through a few ideas for kitchen items that, well, just can’t be used for their original purpose anymore. Take a look at our list and let us know in the comments which ones you’ll be giving a try!

Giving A New Purpose To An Old (Loved) Item

Pans Can Make Great Clocks

Have an old pan? Regardless of the type of pan, grab a fork and knife (or spoon), a clock motor, and we can make a clock! Whether you choose to add numbers or any other type of decoration to the clock is your choice. You can also leave the pan in its natural state or fix it up however you see fit!

Grater Container

If you have an old cheese grater, turn it upside down and you’ve got a container for any solid item! These are a great way to give a shed or desk area some character.

Fork Picture Stand

Have you ever thought of using an old fork to hold up a picture? No? We didn’t either until we saw this idea. Try bending the tines (the pointed ends) around softly until it can stand on its own and hold a picture like in the photo.

Strainer Flower Pot 

An old strainer works perfectly as a flower pot. While it won’t let out much soil, it’ll keep your plant from drowning in too much water!

Let’s See Your Ideas!

Have you tried any of our ideas out? We want to see them! If you’re working on a repurposing¬†project or you’ve recently completed one, send it to us on our Facebook page. We post ideas weekly and we love to post fan projects!

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