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The History Of Milk Bottles And What To Look For

The History The first home milk deliveries began in rural Vermont in 1785. That’s quite a long time ago, isn’t it? When milk delivery began, the milkmen would fill the customers’ own jugs. However, it’s not clear when exactly milk bottles replaced the old method of milk delivery. The first patent for a milk container…

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The History of Mason Jars

Living here in the South, we’ve all heard of mason jars. Actually, they’re quite a staple item in one’s home. There are the original Ball mason jars, there’s the new take on mason jars in a variety of colors, and much more. But, where did these mason jars even come from? We’ll delve into that great…

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Pepsi Looney Tunes Collectible Glassware

Glass collecting has become a popular hobby. One popular area of promotional glass collecting was the Welch’s Jelly Glasses. The interest in these glasses has been increasing over the years. There were twenty-six different sets of Welch’s glasses dating back to 1953. It all started with Howdy-Doody and has gone on to include Davy Crockett, the Flintstones,…

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Types of Collectible Antique and Vintage Glassware

Back N The Day always carries many types of antique, vintage and collectible glass. Our inventory is constantly changing! But if you are looking for something particular, please let us know and we will keep an eye out for it! Antique and vintage glassware includes decorative-yet-functional containers, bowls, cups, platters, vases, dishes and more produced…

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What is Carnival Glass?

What is Carnival Glass? Carnival glass is moulded or pressed glass, always with a pattern and always with a shiny, metallic, ‘iridescent’ surface shimmer. How does Carnival Glass get it’s shine? Carnival glass gets its iridescent sheen from the application of metallic salts while the glass is still hot from the pressing. A final firing of the…

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