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Repurposed: An Old Window Has New Meaning

From time to time, we get pictures from our customers of their repurposing experiences. We love seeing these! Here’s one of our favorite repurposing stories with photos that we’ve heard recently. It has so much feeling and heart in it, it’s hard not to love this!

Giving An Old Window New Meaning

“I wanted to make a special gift for my husband who is away serving his country. Something that would make him feel missed and also make our home more cozy for him upon his return.

My husband loves music. He also loves the movie Die Hard. Now, I don’t want a poster of Die Hard in my living room but I also know he loves the Ode To Joy song from the movie – composed by Beethoven. My husband also played the trumpet in school and was involved in musical theater growing up (this is how we met). We also chose Ode To Joy as the song we marched out to after our church wedding. So it means something to both of us.

I decided I was going to try to use the music in some way. I saw that Back N the Day had some old windows for sale and thought it might be cool to put the sheet music in the panes. I had to find the right window to repurpose, that would fit my wall and the music.

Step One:

I began by measuring the space I had to hang the finished piece and then ordering the sheet music online it was only about $5.

Step Two:

When the music arrived I took it to BNTD and looked through their inventory of windows. I found the perfect window for $10 that all the sheet music would fit in.

Step Three:

I ordered antique paper $10 and mod podge $5 from

Step Four:

I took the window frame home and sanded it really good so that the paint wouldn’t chip and cleaned the glass. I think the vibration from the palm sander caused one of the panes to crack and then break. I was so sad because I loved how it looked after all the sanding and cleaning. Luckily Lowes was able to measure and cut a piece of glass for me to fit for only about $3. Lowes totally saved the day and this project. I also purchased picture hangers to attach to the window frame so I could hang it on the wall.

Step Five:

I copied the music onto the antique paper using my personal printer at home.

Step Six:

I then covered the face of the music with mod podge and positioned them to the window pane and then covered the back and rest of the window in mod podge (it dries clear).

Step Seven:

I caulked the new window pane into the frame with caulk I had at the house and I nailed picture hangers to the back of the frame. And then hung it on the wall where I wanted it.The finished product!

Step Eight:

I hung it on the wall!

I think it turned out great! I truly hope he likes his gift. You can make something truly special out of an old window. What means something to you? Use that as inspiration for your art and walls!”

Get Inspired!

Find something that has great meaning to you and create a work of art! We’ve got a lot of pieces you can use for any project you may think of. We look forward to helping you find the beginning bits and pieces for a wonderful project like this one. If you’ve got a repurposing story you’d like to share with us, feel free to send us your story and photos on Facebook! We’d love to hear it, and we’d love to share it with others.

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